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Lovers of Self

3/27/2015Posted by Helene


I'm reading a Junie B. Jones book with my daughter right now.  I'll read a page or two then she'll read a page or two.  Working together on this charming book is good for both of us: good for her as she stretches her ability to concentrate and good for me as I learn about being a "Shellfish."
The young heroine in the book overheard the word "selfish" as "a shellfish."  She hotly denies being any such mollusk, but when faced with the problem of Christmas her heart is revealed.  She spends 5 dollars (that she begged from grandpa) on a "squeeze-a-burp" for herself, 1 dollar each on temporary tattoos for her family members, and she's planning to steal a charcoal briquette from her dad's grill to give her frenemy/secret Santa recipient.  Nope, not a shellfish at all.

I Want to Know More About....

3/25/2015Posted by Melissa


I want to know more about...
Have you ever thought that about some Biblical theme?  Maybe you had a discussion with a sister about giving, and she said something you never thought of before. Or perhaps you are teaching a class on the work women do in the church, and you need to study up on what the Bible says.  You aren't looking for a deep exhaustive study, just a general idea of the way the Bible addresses a specific theme.  I've been in similar situations countless times; if you have too, then this Bible study method is for you.
In the thematic method of Bible study, you will choose a specific theme or concept and perform a basic study.  For this method, you'll be picking a fairly narrow theme, and you'll want to stay focused on it to avoid being overwhelmed.  For instance, instead of choosing "giving" as a theme (there are over 500 verses in the Bible with the word "give"), you might choose giving in the New Testament.

Easy Like Sunday Morning?!

3/23/2015Posted by Helene


I just want to begin by saying that Lionel Richie has never spent Sunday morning at my house.  That "Easy like Sunday Morning" deal is a joke.  Not only is the routine entirely different from the normal Mon-Fri, but often Saturday's soccer game or late night Netflix binge bleeds over to leave everyone tired and cranky. 
Getting everyone up, out the door, and to church in one piece is its own challenge. If you're one of the legions of women who have morning sickness, toddlers or new babies, an invisible illness (fibromyalgia, depression, MS or a myriad of others), neighbor kids who come with you, a Sunday School class to prep for, or aging sisters that you pick up for church, the challenge takes on new dimensions.
This morning as I faced my own Sunday challenges (of the Sunday school, neighbor kid, potluck, and pick-ups varieties), I thought a list of suggestions for having a smoother Sunday morning might be as appropriate as it was ironic.

We're Going to Write About Sin

3/20/2015Posted by Melissa


We're going to write about sin
Why? Why would Helene and I, who have made a habit of staying positive here at Maidservants of Christ, decide to start writing about negative things?  Attitudes we shouldn't have and actions we shouldn't take seem like such a downer.  There are several reasons, really, all based on the studies we are currently doing in our own lives. 
First, I've been thinking about the difference between willful and ignorant sin.  Willful sin is the kind that says, "I know the Bible says not to do that, but I'm going to do it anyway."  Based on my understanding of 1 John 1:5-9 and Hebrews 10:26-27, I'd have to say that God's grace will not cover that kind of sin.  Ignorant sin is different.  That is the kind that the blood of Jesus continually covers as we walk in the light.