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Chapter Summary Method of Bible Study

1/28/2015Posted by Melissa


In November, we took a look at the devotional method of Bible study, a method you can do when you have little time but you still want to apply the Scriptures to your life.  This month, we are going to be flexing our scholarly muscles to really dig into the Bible.  The Chapter Summary method of Bible study will give you a good chance to really soak in the Word of God.
To start this method, you'll want to read your chosen chapter of the Bible at least five times.  Try to find a Bible that doesn't have any notes so that your reading isn't tainted by someone else's insights.  I'm not saying that all Bible notes are wrong, but if you can create your own notes, you will remember them much longer.  Read the chapter in several different translations.  This will help you get a good overall picture of the chapter.

Long Distance Evangelism

1/26/2015Posted by Melissa


A few weeks ago, Helene talked about reaching out to share the gospel with the people we see every day. I agree 100% that that is the best way to start the hard job of evangelism.  Yet, as she listed the people  in our lives we could tell about Jesus, I realized that I had very few people close to me (geographically) that fit the bill.  We moved to this state three years ago, and the only friends I've really made are church members. Today we'll share some tips and tricks for sharing the gospel with people who are close to our hearts, but may not be close to our homes. 

The same guidelines you would follow in face to face evangelism apply here too. When sharing the gospel with someone close by, you want to be in the business of building a relationship. The same thing goes when you are sharing with someone far away.

Back in the Saddle

1/19/2015Posted by Melissa


Happy Monday!  Lately on Mondays, we've been sharing ways to make a difference in our lives as Christian women.  Today will be just a little different.  This time we would like to share with you, but we would also like your feedback.
A year or so back, I decided to start a Ladies' Bible study with my congregation.  It was every other week, and it started off great!  Thirty ladies met the first week, and the discussion was good. We were using a 13 week study book, and everyone seemed excited. It didn't take long, though, for the bloom to fade.  By the end of the study, I was lucky to have four other ladies. One week, no one showed up.  I was discouraged. 
People told me it wasn't my fault, that this always happens with any regular activity outside of worship service, that I shouldn't take it personally.

Being a Mommy like Jesus

1/16/2015Posted by Melissa


It's an image so common on social media today as to be clichéd.  Mom desperately needs some time to herself, so she locks herself in the bathroom with a book, despairing over the little fingers that find their way under the door.  I've been there.  I'm a stay at home Mom with a three year old at home and a six and eight year old at school.  Those hours between school dismissal and bedtime are precious, but they can be tough, with too much to do and not enough time to do it. I literally cry when my littlest one skips her nap because that means I won't have any time alone that day.  Being an introverted parent of extroverted kids is not easy, but it doesn't do me any good to worry about the rest I'm not getting.
We just finished reading through the New Testament as a family.